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About St. Conrad's Alumni (COSA)

Conrads Old Students Association (COSA) is an alumni association devoted towards the growth and betterment of the institution and the society.
a) To encourage and foster the interest of old students and the aspirations of the school.
b) To provide a platform to the ex-students of the school and to enable them to have needed interaction of the members engaged in various fields of life.
c) To unite the school Pass pupils in a spirit of co-operation and friendship.
d) To organize fund raising and promotional events and activities in support of COSA as & school authorities agree.
e) To give due recognition and regards to the retired Teachers of the school by organising public functions.
f) To organise Seminars focusing on the current problems confronting the present educational system, to highlight the importance of moral values and to inculcate the feeling of nationalism and universal brotherhood.
g) To Honor the ex-students who have shown Exceptional Brilliance in their Respective walks of life.
h) To organize training programmes and lectures by old students & to promote the present One's as and when the school authorities agree.
i) This is a totally voluntary association to promote the cause of the students therefore no interference from any external party will be entertained.
j) To publish newsletters and documents by the association about it's activities between the two meetings.
k) To involve the members of the Association in the activities useful to the Nation with the spirit of dedication and devotion.
l) To organize any other activities to promote the cause.